H | Helheim
Style : Viking Metal
Status: Active
Country : Norway
Band Members :
H'grimnir - guitar and vocals
V'gandr - bass and vocals
Lindheim - keyboard
Thorbjoern - guitar
Hrymr (Frode Rødsjø) - drums and programming

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The story started in 1992 when V'gandr and H'grimnir had the mutual idea of creating extreme metal music. But metal cannot be made without someone to fill the drumchair, and soon after Hrymr came along to somplete the band. Already from the very beginning Helheim had high ambitions, and even without much experience they weren't afraid to enter the stage. They played several festivals in Bergen just to get live experience from the start.

The name:
Helheim; (the home of Hel) Hel is a godess the daughter of Loke and the jotungiantess Angerboda. She's also the sister of The Midgard Serpent and Fenris. She was condemned by the gods to rule below and to welcome all those who died of either sickness or old age. Helheim, or just Hel, consists of nine levels, but each level do not have their own names.

Helheim (demo 93)

Demo - 1993

1. Inn I Doden Vandrer
2. My Deathlike Cries From The Grave
3. My Wrath is Unleashed
4. ... And The Pandemonium Has Inflamed
5. Through Forests Deep And Cold
6. A Forgotten Oath In The Arms Of Satanas
7. Countess Bathory

Nidr Ok Nordr Liggr Helvegr

Demo - 1994

1. Muspiili Strid
2. Blandt Ulvens Frender Og Krakenes Traer
3. Jotne Vandring
4. Under The Norse Sky
5. De Kalde Marker Av Slag Fortapt
6. Drommedans
7. Gravlagt I Eljudne
8. Gjennom Mörke Og Take

Re-released by Perverted Taste in 2005 with new artwork, on CD and brown vinyl
(ltd. 1000 copies)

Nidr Ok Nordr Liggr Helvegr


1. Jormundgand
2. Vigrids Vård
3. Nidr Ok Nordr Liggr Helvegr
4. Gravlagt I Eljudne
5. Svart Visdom
6. Jotnevandring
7. Nattravnens Tokt
8. Galder

The limited LP version has different artwork and a different track:
1. Nidr ok Nordr Liggr Helvegr
2. Nattravnens Tokt
3. Jormundgand
4. Vigrids Vård
5. Gravlagt i Eljudne
6. Svart Visdom
7. Jotnevandring

Av Norrøn Ætt


1. En Forgangen Tid
2. Vinterdøden
3. Fra Ginnunga-gap Til Evig Tid
4. Mørk, Evig Vinter
5. Åpenbaringens Natt
6. De Eteriske Åndevesenes Skumringsdans
7. Av Norrøn Ætt


EP - 1999

1. Helheim (Part I)
2. Jernskogen
3. Cosmic Winter

Blod og Ild


1. Blod og Ild
2. Evig
3. Helheim (Part II)
4. Jernskogen
5. Åsgårdsreien
6. Kjenn Din Fiende
7. Odins Møy
8. Terrorveldet
9. Yme

Yersinia Pestis


1. Helheim 4
2. Yersinia Pestis
3. Stones To The Burden
4. Sinners Wake
5. Elde
6. Warlot
7. Den Glemte Lov
8. God of Slander
9. Iron Icon 9
10. Hjelmstorm


EP - 2004

1. Helsviti
2. Helgate Is Open
3. Helheim (Part III)
4. Warriors Hour
5. Forfallet

Nidr Ok Nordr Liggr Helvegr

Best of/Compilation - 2004

1. Muspilli Strid
2. Blandt Ulvenes Frender Og Kråkenes Trær
3. Jotne Vandring
4. Under the Norse Sky
5. De Kalde Marker Av Slag Fortapt
6. Drømmedans
7. Gravlagt I Eljudne
8. Gjennom Mørke Og Tåke
Bonus Tracks:
9. Vigrids Vård
10. Nidr Ok Nordr Liggr Helvegr

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