M | Mithotyn
Style : Viking/Folk Metal
Status: Disbanded [1992 - 1999]
Country : Sweden
Band Members [Last Known Line-up]:
Rickard Martinsson - Vocals, bass
Stefan Weinerhall- Guitars
Karl Beckmann - Guitars, keyboards
Karsten Larsson - Drums
Mithotyn was a black metal band with pronounced Viking/folklore influences. Typical black metal vocals with some backing choirs in places. Songs vary from mid-paced to speedy. Stefan and Karsten formed a Power metal band called FALCONER
[Personally I prefer Mithotyn to Falconer. Falconer's first album was real good but later release are some what boring]

The name:
Mit-Odin, "the false Odin," or "the one beside Odin."

Cursed Flesh

Demo - 1992

1. Satani Templum
2. Cursed Flesh
3. Flood of Blessed Blood
4. The Fay of Hades

This was black/death metal.
Demo released under the name of Cerberus.

In the Dead of Night

Demo - 1993

1. Winter
2. Ice Cold Wind
3. Purifying
4. Dark Winds

Behold the shields of gold

Demo - 1993

1. Behold the shields of gold
2. Enchanted by the flames
3. The horn of bronze

Meadow In Silence

Demo - 1994

1. Wisdom
2. In The Bower Of Shadows
3. Meadow In Silence
4. As Brothers Now Bonded


Demo - 1995

1. Day Of Winter Sunstead
2. In The Forest Of Moonlight
3. Lost In The Mist
4. A Whinning Winterwind
5. Into The Bloodshaded Horizon
6. In The Arms Of Valkyries

Promo '96

Demo -1996

1. Upon Raging Wave
2. Bland Vargars Yl
3. Where My Spirit Forever Shall
4. The Guardian
5. Freezing Storms of Snow
6. Upon Mighty Winds

In the Sign of the Ravens


1. Upon Raging Waves
2. In The Sign Of The Ravens
3. Shadows Of The Past
4. Lost In The Mist
5. Embraced By Frost
6. In The Forest Of Moonlight
7. Tills Dagen Gryr
8. Stories Carved In Stone
9. Freezing Storms Of Snow
10. Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be
11. Let Thy Ale Swing

King of the Distant Forest


1. King Of The Distant Forest
2. Hail Me
3. From The Frozen Plains
4. On Misty Pathways
5. The Legacy
6. Trollvisa
7. Under The Banner
8. We March
9. The Vengeance
10. Masters Of Wilderness
11. In A Time Of Tales

Also released as limited edition digipack with 5 bonus tracks of which the last
4 are taken from the "Meadow In Silence" demo

Gathered Around the Oaken Table


1. Lord of Ironhand
2. Watchmen of the Wild
3. In the Clash of Arms
4. Hearts of Stone
5. The Well of Mimir
6. Chariot of Power
7. Nocturnal Riders
8. The Guardian
9. Imprisoned
10. Guided By History
11. The Old Rover

Karl Beckmann does the lead vocals on "The Old Rover".

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