The bandmembers history:

1. Joey De Maio (born in Auburn, NY) played bass in his school band. Worshiped Black Sabbath. Used to get closer with BS on their "Heaven and Hell" tour, when he lended some of his equipment to Terry Butler. For a while he worked as a roadie for BS (he himself claimed that he worked just as a light-effect technician). Now (and since 1983) he almost singlehandedly has written music and lyrics.

2. Eric Adams (born in Auburn, NY) a school days friend of Joey. Started singing earlier (when he was 9) than Joey plaing his bass. Being from one town - never played in the same band (even on school level) before Manowar came to life. He handled the band's finances since he joined Manowar.

3. Ross Friedman (born in Australia) moved to New York City and played guitar for The Dictators since 1975. Released 3 albums with them. Than went to France (worked for 1 year in "Shaking Street"). On Black Sabbath heaven and Hell tour Shaking Street opened for Sabbath - this how De Maio met Friedman. He left Manowar in 88 after "Kings of Metal" album to play more blues stuff - he organised "The Pack"

4. Donny Hamzik (born in Poland) and Karl Kennedy before him were found from a newspaper advertisement. Basically, Manowar searched for an appropriate drummer with "heart black enough" for 2 years, until one of accident female friends of De Maio recommended to him:

5. Scott Columbus who worked in a plumber shop in a little town in New York State.

6. Dave Shankle played for a while for "VENGANCE", before he was chosen from about 150 guitarists to replace Friedman. Eric and Joey met him while recording "Kings of Metal" in Chicago.

7. Karl Logan - N/A STYLE of Manowar was heavily influenced by Ozzy Sabbath on the musical side, and by an outburst of interest to Sword-and-Soucery fiction in early 80th on the side of the lyrics. This made the band exceptionally popular in Europe (esp. Germany and England), but next to unknown in USA. They were dropped by their label a month after "Battle Hymns" was released. They had problems with Megaforce. But they didn't have too much problems with Geffen, which released them in Europe. Atlanic picked them up in 87, promoting their "Fighting the World" album quite well, though "Kings of Metal" was promoted much worse, after the band refused to sell out in their "Trimph of Steel"(92) release, they were finally dropped by Atlantic. Now they back with Geffen also for the US (as well as European) deal for the oncoming album.

NAME of Manowar was described by Joey as a compiliation of WAR (because life is WAR, in his opinion) and MANnish substance (because the metal scene was and is whimpy). 'WHO ARE THE 'FALSE ONES' ? - De Maio said that "False Metal" is every band which does not play to expectations of their followers, therefore cheating them.

HOBBIES of Manowar members - Joey is known in metal circles as a "karate kid" for a long time. All members of the band are know as a dedicated weighlifters, who like to pump their muscles up and than demonstrate their impressive physics on the concerts.

CHILDHOOD REMINISCENCIES - Joey used to tell that he's proud that he's grown up in the 70's, when the music was great (he always mentions Ozzy Sabbath and Deep Purple as the most prominent examples).

TOPICS of MANOWAR SONGS - . Don't forget that Sword-and-Soucery topics are often played with a "magik number of 4 metal KINGS" (4 members of Manowar), therefore, in many cases Sword-and Soucery topic is very close to that of Manowar as a band.
* Straightforward SWORD-AND-SOUCERY: Battle Hymn, Dark Avenger, Secrets of Steel, Gates of Valhalla, March for Revenge, Revelation, Blood of my Enemy, Each Dawn I die, Kill with Power, Hail to England, Bridge of Death, Tor, Oath, Sign of the Hammer, Gayana, Blak Wind Fire and Steel, Defender, Herz aus Stahl, Lament Of The Kings, Hail and Kill, Pleasure Slave, Warrior's Prayer, Achilles, Ride the Dragon, Spirit Horse, Burning, Power of thy Sword, Demon's Whip, King.

* How GREAT MANOWAR IS, and about their fight FOR TRUE METAL: Metal Warriors, Kings of Metal,Manowar,All Men play on 10, Fighting the World, Blow Your Speakers,Holy War,Black Arrows, Warrior's Prayer, Warlord (more about "gedonistic image"), Wheels of Fire (the same comment), Animals (the same), Return Of The Warlord, The God Made Heavy Metal, Number 1, The Power...

* About TRUE HEAVY METAL PEOPLE : Metal Daze, Gloves of Metal, Army of Immortals,Carry On , Kings of Metal, Blood of the Kings, Metal Warriors, Brothers Of Metal * Life stinks? But FINALLY IT'LL BE ALL RIGHT!: Kingdom Come, Master of the Wind, Herz aus Stahl, Courage... * Minor topic (for 1st album only) - social one- Shell Shock, Death Tone.


* "Wheels of fire" -
All 4 of them LOVE drive car really fast. they were actually pulled over by the local police while recording this song.
* "Heart of Steel" -
People close to Joey often ask him does he really have a steel heart. This was a reply.
[The Crown And The Ring* "The Crown and the Ring (Lament Of The Kings)" -
Their favourite song on Kings of Metal. Was recorded for a HUGE sum of money (which made Atlantic mad) in Bigmingham.s St.Paul Cathedral with a professional church choir. They were all dressed up, while band had their traditional jeans and/or loincloths on only. Joey always said that classical/church music is very heavy...
* "Warrior's Prayer" -
Joey decided to retell this story in the manner his grandfather told those to him when he had been a kid...
* "Blood of the Kings" -
About fans of Manowar (in Europe) and their letters, which sometimes gave material for the songs - these letters are Blood of the Kings...
* "Achilles" -
Dedicated to Deena Weinstein,for her book "Heavy Metal", where she wrote exceptionally favourable about Manowar, and who still is Joey's close friend -
* "Hail To England" -
From Sir Thomas Melory's narration about King Arthur.