1. Farewell to past

2. Living in a trance         

3. High price of passion

4. When Bosnia falls

5. U.T.O.P.I.A.

6. In the line of fire

7. House of pain (part 1)

8. House of pain (part 2)

9. Conquer the past         

10. Into blood and fire

11. Road Racinī (Riot)

12. Living in a trance (Trance Mix)

13. Devilīs child (Judas Priest) HD


Released: 1995

Recording time: 25 days

Studio: Dust Music Hilchenbach

Cover: Theo Mentidis

Produced by: S.L.Coe

Mixed & Mastered by: S.L.Coe

Company: React Records

Retailer: Rough Trade

Publisher: 2loud4u / Boomeraeng Music