REACTOR, from Augsburg, Southern Germany, was founded in 1988 by Muck Langmair, formerly of VETO and Markus Baier, formerly of CHEYENNE. Later the powerful line-up was completed with "Thorsten Schwalm" and "Robert Käfferlein" both from MONTEREY and "Jerry Bryant" as lead singer.

First sessions and the influences of bands like RIOT, HELLOWEEN and METAL CHURCH gave a clear answer to the band´s burning question of what kind of music to create: "Melodic Speed- and Powermetal!"

A few months later REACTOR played their first gig in the "Clochard",Augsburg formally known as the"Big Apple", where DEEP PURPLE had played one of their first concerts in Germany, too. The feedback was amazing. Even the local newspaper, known as a traditional and conservative publication praised: "...REACTOR, a power engine! Heavy Metal is the music of our time and REACTOR is the evidence!"

During the following time, the band released their first 8-track demo, including one of the early recordings of their later hit "Red Baron flies again". From 1989 until 1990, they played more than 70 gigs, most of them in Germany. The support in a 48 CRASH show (former GRAVESTONE) in Ulm brought them terrific reviews and enthusiastic responses from all over the area.

In 1991 the band decided to record their first full-time CD. "Rather dead than dishonoured" was released in May and created new possibilities for REACTOR esp. in Japan and the Far East.

With "Rather dead..." the band entered the Top 100 Import Charts in Japan and climbed all the way up to 4th place in May ´92.

From summer to winter 1992, Reactor promoted their album with an huge amount of gigs, visits to radio stations and several promotion dates all over Germany. Japanese labels showed encouraging interest, so REACTOR signed a licence deal with ZERO Corp. for Japan and the Far East in 1993. "Revelation" was released in May 1993 and the song "MTIs", about the new right wing in Germany was played for months on Tokyo´s radio stations. At the same time German magazines started to recognize the band and it´s musical potential.

Short after the "Horror Infernal Festival" in Dortmund, where REACTOR played with ACCUSER; MORGOTH, CARCASS a.o., they split with their lead singer Jerry Bryant and drummer Muck Langmair, because of differing musical opinions.

With Markus Sturz (ex-TRACE FAIR member) the band found a drummer who was able to play the old songs but also brought in new ideas into the band. Finally a new singer joined in, "S.L.Coe" (a former member of ANGEL DUST, and SCANNER), the producer of "Revelation".

Energized by the new band additions, REACTOR recorded new songs for their 3rd album "Farewell to reality" within 4 weeks. Great feedback in magazines, on the radios and in live German concerts was the reward for their effort of this production. "Heavy Metal powerforce of first quality.[...] People who like PRIEST (Painkiller), PHANTOM or RIOT will be fascinated from the ´95 REACTOR enterprise." (Metal Hammer, june 1995)

After their splitting with S.L.Coe and Thorsten Schwalm in 1996, REACTOR decided to continue as a trio. On a Germany tour with ARMISTICE in 1997 the band and the reaction of the fans gave the proof that REACTOR is better than ever! Robert Käfferlein became lead singer, old songs were infused with new arrangements and new songs were written.

"A Short Fairy Tale" was the title of the 4th production, which was recorded in march and released in april 1998. The songs are more straight and powerful, but with the indestructible style of classical elements and melodic Speed & Powermetal.

From may to july 1999, Reactor  recorded a new 4-song promotional CD with the working titel "The South Strikes Back". It was the first time, that the band did the whole recording by themself. With their own record studio, the time and the experiences from 4 other recordings, they tried to create a great piece of metal for the next millennium!

After their release of the promo-CD "The South Strikes Back" in 1999 (at the music fair, Cologne) the band started to search for a new guitarist in cause of "The missing link!" (The double guitar was the essence of Reactor´s power!) 2nd, the band and himself decided that Robert is such a good singer, that the disicion for a seperate bass-guitar was clear.

In the end of 1999 Hans Reichelt joined the band on the 2nd guitar. The fomer member and head of the Augsburg Metal band "Traic Faire" is an old friend of Reactor and played already together with Markus Sturz before.

With Daniel Unzner on bass guitar, the new line-up was completed in february 2000. Daniel came from the Augsburg Death-Thrash-Metalizers "Profanity".

In the following the band tried to became a union. They played several gigs, but most of them in the southern region of Germany. A new 2-track demo, the fansong for the Augsburg Panthers, the local icehockey club in 2000 and the 4-track unplugged album "clean tales" in 2001 where steps to the upcoming album.

In November 2002 Reactor started to record the 5th album. They choose a professionell recording studio in munich (Dreamscape Studios) and found also a professionell producer with Jan Vacik.