Holy Mother had first formed with former "Jack Starr" vocalist, Mike Tirelli, back in 1993. Due to previous band efforts not working out, Tirelli had decided that he wanted to move ahead and not slow down. In order to accomplish this, he needed to fill the other musical slots. He needed someone that would help the band rock hard as well as one who would make the music kick ass.

First, he needed to find a killer bass player to fill the bass slot. He wanted to find one that knew how to rock. So, with that in mind, he found Randy Coven, from previous projects, such as: "Mountain", "Steve Vai", and projects with "Al Pitrel1i".

Now with a vocalist and bassist, they needed a drummer. They didn't want an average ordinary drummer. The drummer they wanted would have to stand out among the rest and set the others in the rock world apart. They wanted one who would pound the skins so hard that you want to scream for more. With that in mind, they recruited Jim Harris, known for previously drumming with "Dirty Looks" and "Burning Starr". Tirelli had known Harris from previously playing in "Burning Starr" together.

Now with the members of the band almost intact, there was only one person missing. Before things could really start rolling, they needed a guitarist. They started with a guitarist named Spike Francis, who had previously played for "Dee Snider". Finally, all of the members were together... a vocalist with a set of pipes to pierce through any set of speakers, and a rhythm section that was as tight as ever.

Soon after joining together, the band began to write, rehearse, and record demos. After many writing and recording sessions, the band finally had material on tape. Jim and Mike had sent a copy of some of their material to Axel Thubeauville, an old friend from their "Burning Starr" days. Axel listened and liked what he heard. In February of '95, Axel signed the band to "Cream Rough Trade Records".

Holy Mother's quest for rock and roll stardom had begun to emerge, so they headed over to Germany with producer Wolfgang Stach, to record their first full-length self-titled cd. After many more months of writing new material the band's sound had taken a turn. They had started out to try something new and different. Jim Harris did some experimenting with electronic drums, while Tirelli experimented more with his vocals. And, with the addition of alot of keyboard effects, the new music had more of an industrialized metal sound. Along with the new musical sound came another new change for the band... a new name. The name of the band became "Not Our World" (NOW). With the new material, as well as a new name, the band headed back to Germany to record their second full-length Cd called "Tabloid Crush".

Now with a second cd under their belts, every thing for the band couldn't have been going better.. or so they thought. The band begun to have conflict with their guitarist Spike. With his departure, there was a need for the band to find the ultimate guitarist for a replacement. Singer Tirelli knew guitarist Rich Naso, who had done a lot of studio work. He got a copy of the "NOW" cd, and soon after, he began rehearsing with the band.

Along with the new guitar player, there was another name change. They had decided to go back to their original name of Holy Mother . Rather than slowing down, they moved ahead to the studio to get their creative juices flowing once again. They wrote and recorded more material that would make the most difinitive Holy Mother cd to date. They had written heavier material, and they were all very excited. They agreed that this was their best and strongest material to date. After the material was finally recorded, they sent it to Axel, who was also very excited by it. He brought the band back to Germany to record another cd, this time on "ABS Records".

In 1998, the band recorded their heaviest and most incredible full-length cd, titled "Toxic Rain" , consisting of 11 blistering tracks. This third release, second under the moniker of "Holy Mother" is their best selling cd so far. This was sold out after only 5 days and 5,500 records. It became #2 on the sell charts. The band has gotten lots of press in various metal and hard rock magazines over in Germany, as well as having tracks appearing on various compilation cds. They have also been getting rave reviews.

Currently, the band has reissued their "Toxic Rain" cd with a brand new cover as well as a bonus track, called "Power In My Blood".

Unfortunately, due to a mutual decision, Rich Naso is no longer with the band. Rich recorded on the new "Criminal Afterlife", but left soon after. Therefore, the band needed to find a replacement guitarist who could pick up where Rich left off. Jon previously played with "Al Pitrelli" as well as members of "Dream Theater". He has begun to play the Holy Mother music in assorted shows they have played.


Music Style
Power Metal


Dealin' With The Devil

My World War

Criminal Afterlife

Toxic Rain/Best of ABS

Toxic Rain

Tabloid Crush

Holy Mother


Mike Tirelli

Tommy Hellbent

Mark Vanerp

Frank Gilchriest