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This man need no introduction. If you're a metal fan, you know who he is and where he comes from. After waiting SO LONG, I finally got in contact with Lea Hart, who is Paul's manager. Lea sent me Paul's answers via regular mail...HAND WRITTEN!!! I was estatic!!! A lot of time and effort went into this interview....and here it is finally. Read on and learn more about the metal legend that is PAUL DI'ANNO.

Interview by - Anthony DeLuca.

U.F.-Before we discuss your present work, I'd like to revisit your older and previous material. What made you want to become a metal vocalist? What are your influences? Please provide some background on your first metal band (Bird of Prey?).

PAUL DI'ANNO: I fell into metal by accident. I was a singer in a punk/hardcore band called THE PAEDOPHILES. I was never in a band called BIRD OF PREY. My only connection with metal was IRON MAIDEN at that time. Influences: PISTOLS, CLASH, DAMNED, RAMONES, U.K. SUBS, PRIEST, ETC.

U.F.-What are your fondest memories from performing in Iron Maiden? Do you still keep in touch with them? Any plans on re-recording some of the older material with them?

DI'ANNO: My memories with IRON MAIDEN was this is great. I visit all these great countries, meet all these fantastic people, and get paid. No and no.

U.F.-What can you tell us about Lone Wolf? Was this part of the "Di'Anno" albums? Are these recordings still available?

DI'ANNO: LONEWOLF was Di'Anno; the record company changed the name. I don't think the album is deleted.

U.F.-Please tell us about your work with Praying Mantis.

DI'ANNO: I just helped them out in Japan.

U.F.-Gogmagog contained quit an interesting lineup. What was it like recording for Jonathan King? How long was this EP in the works? For the fans who have never heard this recording, please describe it to the best of your ability. Any plans on re-releasing this EP?

DI'ANNO: GOGMAGOG was a nightmare. We couldn't write any songs and it is uttewr shit.

U.F.-1986 starts the Battlezone years. "Fighting Back" was a stepping-stone to what led to mass influences upon other musicians, just as in your Maiden years. What are your fondest memories of this album, and it's groundbreaking tour? How was your experiences playing at the Dynamo?

DI'ANNO: We didn't realize at the time just what the buzz was all about, but people keep telling me it changed their outlook on how to write. The tour was great, but we always have a great time on tour. It's what music is all about.

U.F.-In '87, Battlezone's "Children of Madness" further pushed the Di'Anno name with outstanding sales. Seeing how sucessful this band was, why did Battlezone come to an end?

DI'ANNO: BATTLEZONE ended because of personal problems within the band.

U.F.-How did you assemble your next band Killers? Why did you choose this name (in vein of your Maiden years?)?

DI'ANNO: Steve (Hopgood, Drums) and I were from BATTLEZONE, and Nick (Burr, Guitar) and Gavin (Cooper, Bass) were in a band Steve used to play with. Cliff (Evans, Guitar) was from TANK, so we all got together in New York in '89. The name KILLERS was chosen by the other members, and I couldn't think of a better name, so I was out-voted.

U.F.-"Murder One" was released at this point. Who did the amazing songwriting on this album? Why did you wait so long to re-record "Remember Tomorrow"? Is "Marshall Lockjaw" depicted on the album cover? What is the story behind this character?

DI'ANNO: All songs are written by Steve, Cliff, Nick, and me. I re-did "Remember Tomorrow" because I wrote it for my grandfather and didn't think I did it justice in IRON MAIDEN. LOCKJAW is a made up character; a kind of enforcer bad-ass S.O.B. killing the assholes of the world.

U.F.-After the release of the single, "Die By The Gun", Killers embarked on a 2 & 1/2 year tour (HOLY SHIT!!!!!). What bands did this tour with you? What are some of the countries you performed in? What are your fondest memories of this amazing tour??

DI'ANNO: The bands on the mini-tour?? They were METAL CHURCH, ZODIAC MINDWARP, VICIOUS RUMOURS, and countless other bands in different countries and towns. We played almost all of Europe, N.S.E.W., and U.S.A. and Japan....and then, did it again. I truely know the meaning of the word FUCKED.

U.F.-In 1997, we see the release of "Menace to Society", showcasing a different sound compared to "Murder One". What inspired you to take this musical direction? The world tour follows....what are yor memories of this tour?

DI'ANNO: I wanted to mix my punk roots with the first BATTLEZONE album. The best memories of this tour was playing Belfast and Dublin. More bands should play Northern Ireland.

U.F.- The song entitled "?" is VERY inquisitive! Absolutely amazing song-writting on your part!!! What does this mean to you? Is there a definite meaning to this entity?

DI'ANNO: It's a very personal thing.

U.F.-Battlezone returns in '98 with "Feel My Pain". How did you go about reforming Battlezone? How long did this album take to record, and how were its sales?

DI'ANNO: Getting BATTLEZONE together for a one off album was hard work. It took two weeks to make, and I don't know about the sales.

U.F.-Today, "Nomad" is released under the name Di'Anno. How did you assemble this band? Is this a permanet band now, or will you contine to do other projects with other musicians?

DI'ANNO: "Nomad" is my solo album with Paulo Turin from BATTLEZONE. After BATTELZONE, Paulo went back to Brasil, and we continued writing together. We auditioned the other members in Sao Paulo. I hope this will be my solo band, but I have a collective of musicians in Brasil and Argentina.

U.F.-After reading the lyrics to the song "Nomad", I wondered about your beliefs. Would you mind elaborating on this topic?

DI'ANNO: I just fear for our children's future; and my beliefs are in Islam.

U.F.-The song "S.A.T.A.N." follows. What does this acronym stand for?

DI'ANNO: It dosn't stand for anything; it was just me being stupid.

U.F.-How did you hook up with Perris Records? How are they working out for you? Do they support your new band, or are they used just for distrobution?

DI'ANNO: They are used for distrobution.

U.F.-What happened with your highly anticipated U.S. tour; why was it cancelled? Do you plan on touring the U.S. eventually (playing the March Metal Meltdown in New Jersey, for example)?

DI'ANNO: My visa application was filled in wrongly. I am working on it at the moment; until it's all worked out, the U.S. is on hold.

U.F.-According to your web-site, you are now touring with the original Killers line-up. What happened with the band you recorded the new album with? Do you plan on staying with Killers now?

DI'ANNO: KILLERS is the band; the others are my solo bands. We are also writing a new album.

U.F.-To your recollection, any unreleased songs from your entire musical career (B-sides, etc.)? Is therre a possibility of seeing these songs on a compilation?

DI'ANNO: I don't think we have any old songs left.

U.F.-What videos have you made with the bands you've performed in?

DI'ANNO: "Women In Uniform", "Children Of The Revolution", "Die By The Gun",...that's it.

U.F.-Songs such as "City of Fools" and "Dog Dead" have a hip-hopish feel to them. Are you considering to explore other musical styles? What influenced you to write these songs?

DI'ANNO: I just fit the music to lyric sometimes. I like all kinds of music, and hope to explore the other styles...except country, which I hate with a passion.

U.F.-What are your thoughts on the music scene today? Do you consider bands such as Korn or Kid Rock metal?

DI'ANNO: I don;t think KID ROCK is metal, but he's cool. I like KORN; the music scene is good today, but it's all recycled. IE: PAPPA ROACH...see IRON MAIDEN.

U.F.-What can fans expect from your tour in support of "Nomad"? Who will share the stage with you?

DI'ANNO: My solo monsters, just the band.

U.F.-That's about it. Mr. Di'Anno, it was an extreme pleasure. I hope I will see you on tour here in the U.S.; I'll treat you to a drink!! Any final comments to the fans, or something I overlooked?

DI'ANNO: Just thanks for listening and for the great life that fans of my music have given me. YOU MADE ME...THANKS!!!

Thank you, Mr. Di'Anno!!!!!


IRON MAIDEN - The Sound House Tapes (1979)

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DI'ANNO - Live at the Palace VHS (1984)

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