November/Dezember 2001

Higher Than The Sky:Bolt Thrower, Destruction, Sodom, Within Tears
From The Underground... And Below:

September/Oktober 2001

Higher Than The Sky: Antithesis, Black Symphony, Borknagar, Carnal Forge, Circle Of Grief, Couragous, Crysalis, Dark Reflections, Darkthrone, Emerald, Gamma Ray, Iron Cross, Kraina Bez Wiatru / Perunwit (Split), Kreator, Living Death, Maudlin Of The Well, Moonspell, Novembre, Project Alcazar, Solefald, Steel Warrior, Stormhammer, The Project Hate, The Tracelords, Titan Force, Triarchy Of Vasconia (Sampler), Twin Obscenity, Winterlong, Wizard
From The Underground... And Below: Depresion, Dream Or Nightmare, Edera, Insision, Ira Tenax, Obscurity, Shadeworks

Juli/August 2001

Higher Than The Sky: Helstar, Jag Panzer, Julie Laughs No More, Kick, Krisiun, Lullacry, Manilla Road, Sonata Artica, Suns Of Sadness, Wytchfynde
From The Underground... And Below: 4 Volt

Mai/Juni 2001

Higher Than The Sky: Abyssic Hate, Alas, Ancient Rites, Creutzfälltjacob, Entwine, Finntroll, Gallow's Pole, Holy Moses, Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, Kamelot, Logar's Diary, Maeve Of Connacht, Marduk, Mind Ashes, Paimon, Sceptic, Shadow, Sirens, Socius, Surturs Lohe, The Dreamside, Trauma, Valhalla, Xenomorph
From The Underground... And Below: Blessed, Dream Weaver, Human Bastard, Kruschke, Odroerir, Warfare Incorporated

März/April 2001

Higher Than The Sky:... And Oceans, Alastis, Artillery, Bal-Sagoth, Defender, Dimmu Borgir, Disbelief, Dornenreich, Fading Starlight, Falconer, Graveworm, Hyperborean, Ion Vein, Jack Slater, Madder Mortem, Morgul, Mr. Death, My Darkest Hate, Mystic Circle, Night In Gales, Northern Tales, Savatage, Senicrow, W.A.S.P., Weltenbrand, Zonata
From The Underground... And Below:Arise, Aske, Lordz, Misery Speaks, Occasus Dei, Well Of Souls

Januar/Februar 2001

Higher Than The Sky: Annihilator, Anvil, Athena, Avator, Blood Red Angel, Children Of Bodom, Custard, Dark At Dawn, Destiny's End, Deströyer666, Eminenz, Encryption, Gathering Of Obscurity, GB Arts, Hateful Agony, Heresy, Iron Fire (2x), Jarra, Las Cruces (2x), Ligeia, Madog, Marduk, Mirror Of Deception, Mysterium, Overkill, Oversoul, Primal Fear, Red To Grey, Seven Sins, Thunderstorm, Xiron
From The Underground... And Below: Blind Rage, Boomerang, Borbarad, From Thy Ashes, Hateful Agony, Mentorhawk, Mindguard, Mourning Caress, Overlorde, Raging Force, Riff Master General, Scapegoat, Silencer, Theoadore Muddfoot, Valhalla, Vargulf, Wyvern, Pounding Metal Sampler

Dezember 2000

Higher Than The Sky: Armistice, Azotic Reign, Cage, Cradle Of Filth, Darkwell, Iced Earth, Iron Man, J.B.O., Lääz Rockit, Lacuna Coil, Mystic Prophecy, Paradox, Sleepy Hollow, Spirit Web, Tierra Santa, Twisted Tower Dire, Virgin Steele (2x), Wizzard (2x)
From The Underground... And Below: Claymore, Creanna, Cuatro X, Nasty Disaster, Orden Ogan, Powerstorm (2x), DEMOnic Metal Vol. III

Oktober/November 2000

(Area L.C., Apollo Ra, Axxis, Black Destiny, Breaker, Brightness, Carnal Forge, Corvus Corax, Crematory, Cryptosy, Dark Breed, Deadly Sins, Elegy, Emarald, Enemynside, Eyehategod, Graven Image, Hammerfall, Imparadise, Isegrim, Long Winter's Stare, Manilla Road, Majesty, Nasty Disaster, November's Doom, Onkel Tom, Pink Cream 69, Raise Hell, Rhapsody (2x), Relentless, Savallion Dawn, Sisko, Spectre Dragon, Stormwarrior, Tad Morose, Taunusheim, The Great Kat, The Lord Weird Slough Feg, Total Eclipse, Xiron)

August/September 2000

(Artillery, Asterius, Divine Embrace, Exciter, Gamma Ray, Haggard, King Diamond, Psychotron, Re-Vision, Sinner, Adorned Brood, Nevermore, Nocturnal Rites, Kamelot, Stormwind, Halford, Ryker's, Catamenia, Edenbridge, Anfall, Couragous, Dark Brit, Gurd, Hades, Nightwish, Powergod, Rotting Christ, Runemagick, Shattered Dream, Stikki Fykk, The Other Dimension, USM, Venom und Weird Al Yankovic)

Juni/Juli 2000

(Eternal Glory, Anubis, The Gathering (2x), Iron Maiden, Mayhem, Immortal, Sacred Steel, Totenmond, Virgin Steele, Children Of Bodom, Morgenstern, Witchburner, Pantera, Stormhammer, Dark Tranquillity, Blümchen, In Flames, Manowar, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Stampin' Ground, Symphorce und Pissing Razors (hehe))

April/Mai 2000

(Subway To Sally, Personal War, Sentenced, Lacuna Coil, Tankard, Hagridden, Lanfear, Old Man's Child, Borkagar, Altar, Axxis, Shadow's Fall, Stratovarius, Destillery, Heavenly, Destruction, Dark At Dawn, Angel Dust und Jag Panzer)

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