WARLORD - the history

warlord, coming out of san jose/usa back in 1980, was one of the most talented metal acts ever. they got well-known for the first time by submitting an entry for the 'metal massacre'-sampler, the chosen song was 'lucifer's hammer'. 2 months later they released their awesome debut album 'deliver us' which contained 6 brilliant classic heavy metal songs. the response on the debut from all over the world was extraordinary high and positive. with their sensitive, sympathetic and melancholic music they (damien king - vocals, destroyer - guitar, raven - bass, sentinel - keyboards and thunderchild - drums) got amazing votes. another entry (mrs. victoria) for the 'metal massacre vol. 3'-sampler followed soon in 83 as well as a almost unnoticed vox-change since the new man (damien king II) was pretty equal to damien king and the only difference between might have been their personal data. afterwards they recorded the single 'aliens/lost and lonely days' which was released in june of 84. again the line-up changed when the new bass player archangel joined in. in the end of 84 they recorded a live video whose soundtrack was released as the LP 'and the cannons of destruction have begun..', containing 4 songs from the debut, the 2 from the single and also the 2 new songs 'soliloquy' and 'mcmlxxxiv'. their biggest problem was probably they couldn't get a decent management and metal blade seemed to be unable to promote them very well and so their work was limited to 1 single and 1 LP in the end. also they never ever made it to play live, not even once! because of different activities and interests (bill hung around with the london philharmonics and mark did drum-tec for fates warning) between mark zonder (thunder child) and destroyer (bill tsamis) the band broke up after a time and so one of the most original as well as talented heavy metal bands ever died. in the end metal blade released a best of-LP called 'thy kingdom come' in 86 and another compilation which has all warlord songs in 93 ('best of warlord').