Mr. COOL- 4:06 128kbps 44khz .MP3
Sister demo, an early version of Cries In The Night, Blackie wrote this while he was in the New York Dolls (he was 18...),
this song was already used in the Killer Kane Band, Sister and finaly W.A.S.P. It appears on The Last Command album from
1987 under the name 'Cries In The Night'. Both the lirycs and the title have been changed but all versions of this songs remain almost the same. 
SWEET DREAMS- 3:25 56kbps 22khz .MP3
Sister demo, very rare.
DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM- 3:33 56kbps 22khz .MP3
Another Sister demo, this one is the original Titanic Overture, from the Crimson Idol.
SCHOOL DAZE- 4:07 128kbps 44khz .MP3
W.A.S.P. demo version of School Daze recorded in 1982. This is a diferent W.A.S.P. at their best.
This version is awsome. This can be found in the SUNSET & BABYLON 1993 single.
THE FLAME (LIVE)- 4:15 128kbps 44khz .MP3
From the W.A.S.P. live In Montreal bootleg, very rare.
THE TORTURE NEVER STOPS (LIVE)- 4:40 128kbps 44khz .MP3
Also taken from the Montreal bootleg.
L.O.V.E. MACHINE (VIDEO) - 4:33  7,8Mb .ASF
The complete video of the single from the first album.
New song taken from the Best of the Best album (2000). 
TOKYO'S ON FIRE- 3:31 128kbps 44khz .MP3
Taken from the 1997 release "K.F.D." (Japanese release)
A cover from a W.A.S.P. classic, made by the band Tiamat, it's a very good version.
Electronic Press Kit (promotion of K.F.D.)- 8:31 32kbps .RA
The E.P.K. is a combined interview/song that was compiled by Castle Records to promote K.F.D.
Itīs originally a video but only the audio is avaible here. The interview was done by MTV
at Nottingham february-97.
In RealAudio. RA