Hi there!

My name is Elinor, and I'm the Helloween freak who made this site. I've been listening to Helloween since I was 14 years old, so I guess it's my 12th anniversary this year.

My favourite Helloween album is "Keeper of the Seven Keys II", wich also is the first Helloween album I ever bought. Back in those days the CD wasn't invented, so my copy of Keeper II is a vinyl. The moments when I'm not listening to Helloween it's Iron Maiden or some good old rock-bands like Creedence and stuff like that.

The picture to the left showes a bunch of metal maniacs outside the arena in Stockholm where Iron Maiden played last summer. I'm the one with a circle around. The guys to the left are my brothers (yes, it's true, we are a little metal family, except for my mom and dad). The guys flanking us are two friends of ours.

I'm a very busy person, and that's the reason why this site isn't updated very often nowadays. I'm doing the best that I can though. When I'm not sitting by the computer and listening to music, you might find me on the soccer field, in the woods with a bunch of cub scouts....or together with my boyfriend. He's the guy on the small picture to the left. According to me he's the cutest guy on this planet! What do you think?

Another big hobby of mine is driving. Cars, trucks, motorbikes...whatever. Therefore I joined what could be translated as "Home defence". Every district in Sweden have their "own" little army. Civilians who get educated on weekends and in case of emergency get released from work to fight the enemy.....Last fall the enemy has been water. There's plenty of lakes and rivers around here, and plenty of rain has been falling, so there was water everywhere. Another thing we do is to look for people who get lost in the forests, wich we also have a lot of where I live. I'm signed up as a driver in this organization, and at the moment I'm getting educated to drive the kind of truck you see on the picture. It's really funny...It takes a lot of trees and rocks to stop this vehicle...believe me, I've tried it. What you see on this pictures is NOTHING compared to what you CAN do with this truck. I've tried a lot, but haven't even been close to the limits of it.