DOMINE :    New Album.

The EPIC POWER METAL band from Florence has just finished the recording sessions for its fourth album, entitled “Emperor Of The Black Runes”. The production sessions had been made during May at New Sin Audio Design studios in Loria (TV), the same studios where the band recorded its previous 2 albums “Dragonlord” and “Stormbringer Ruler”. The album is now in post production/mastering and the band is really happy with the final result. The guys say : “It’s been a tough challenge to come up with an album which would top “Stormbringer Ruler” but “Emperor Of The Black Runes” is exciting and the final work is beyond our expectations !”. A few journalists had the chance to listen to five finished songs during the studio report organized by  the Dragonheart label and their reactions had been enthusiastic. The release is not set yet because Dragonheart has just signed a great licensing deal with Japanese label Avalon/Marquee which will put out the album first (with a cover of Riot’s “Altar Of The King” as a bonus track). Domine has a new official web site at : 




DOOMSWORD :    The Vikings Are Back!

A new album is ready for the ultimate cult EPIC METAL band! DoomSword recorded their latest, “Let Battle Commence” at Conquest Studios in Gallarate (VA) and the new monolith of the purest, uncontaminated EPIC METAL will be in the shops at the end of September. The band has caught the attention of the best European magazines amd jounalists. German Rock Hard, Heavy Oder Was!? and Greek Metal Hammer were among the people who had the chance to listen to the new tracks during the studio report in April. The feedback on the new album has been great, thanks to “The Siege” and “Blood Eagle”. The group of leader DeathMaster is set to play some important gigs in Germany such as; 'The Headbanger Open Air Festival', 'Keep It True Festival' and the 'Skeleton Bash'.




New Signing :   IRIDIO

IRIDIO is the CELTIC music project of LEANAN SIDHE, the female vocalist of power metallers, Beholder. The debut album is a work in the style of 'Lorena McKennitt' and 'Dead Can Dance'. It combines ancient melodies with gothic atmosphere. Leanan appears as a guest singer on Domine's new album.





POWERS COURT :    In Studio


POWERS COURT, the American 'Dark Metal Power Band' fronted by singer/guitar player Danie Powers, is now hard at work in the recording studio. The title of the new album is “©The Red Mist Of Endenmore” and the pre production demo tapes show a much more aggressive songwriting style than the previous album “Nine Kinds Of Hell”. The song “Cold Day In Hell” is a crushing assault of pure Metal USA style!





INNER SHRINE :    The Red Opus.

Yes, even after drastic line up changes, the GOTHIC AVANT GARDE METAL band from Florence is still active! During June the group will be at work on “Samaya”, their third album. If you appreciated the symphonic and majestic side of Inner Shrine’s previous album, “Samaya” will not let you down!


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