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Interview For Where The Rain Grows Site (08/12/99)
By Tony Webster

I actually added this interview on 07/18/2000 and this is going to be the first in a series of interviews from an 18 hour "Helloween Marathon" I did on the radio August 12th, 1999. I played all Helloween albums, live, and b-side tracks along with some Gamma Ray stuff and tracks from member and former member solo albums. The reason I have Roland's interview up first is because this is the only one I had in my computer at the time. The others who made an appearance on the Marathon are Michael Weikath, Markus Grosskopf, and former member Kai Hansen. Uli Kusch at the time was moving, Michael Kiske had personal stuff to attend to and Andi Deris had something come up where he could not come on the air that day. I will put the other three interviews up in real audio only. These interviews are all very good, and the one here with Roland was one of the best interviews I have ever done and one of the most fun. The others were great too. I divided the interview clips into three so it cuts download time of one huge giant real audio clip. What was funny about this interview is that we were only going to talk for like fifteen mins and the response and calls we got off the air were so many that we decided to go on the air for another few hours playing songs and talking to fans off the air... It ruled. Roland talks about so many things that it's impossible to list everything, so check it out and have a listen!

Roland Grapow And Tony Webster:
Downloadable Real Audio Part 1
Downloadable Real Audio Part 2
Downloadable Real Audio Part 3

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