Errata Corrige

Questa sezione contiene la correzione degli errori di stampa presenti sul booklet di "Resound the Horn"

Nel testo di "Shores of Vinland" ci sono diversi errori: qui c'è il tesco completo:

We were sailing towards the unknown in the open sea after the storm, our hope was lost in the raging waves but my old faith was never so strong, my viking heart don't fear the fate!Under Leif's christian command full of wild grapes was the land to which we approached and tried to live but no more hydromel was in our horns our viking hearts don't fear the fate! Twice a winter, we messed our beloved, to these shores our hearts do not belong! Praying the lord, Leif sought a blessing for our souls, under his sign we abandoned our folks, now we are ready to unfurl the sails Naglfar the ship will not have our nails, our viking hearts still has faith! Our ship devours the ocean waste the sea is the nature on which we where born approaching our bay resound the viking horn the hammer triumphant, the cross now is torn, my viking heart still has faith! Twice a winter, we missed our beloved who did enlight the way to return? Mighty Thor bring me back home.

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