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DoomSword will tour with Falconer in Janyary 2004, these are the confirmed dates (you can check Crush Concerts for confirmation and last minute updates):
06 Januuary 2004 Italy Zingonia, Bergamo Motion
08 Januuary 2004 Austria Graz Orpheum
09 Januuary 2004 Hungary Budapest (XI. district) Wigwam
10 Januuary 2004 Austria Innsbruck Hafen
11 Januuary 2004 Germany München Garage
12 Januuary 2004 Germany Essen Zeche Carl
13 Januuary 2004 Germany Münster - Breitefeld Live Arena
14 Januuary 2004 Germany Hamburg Markthalle
15 Januuary 2004 Germany Heidelberg Schwimmbad
16 Januuary 2004 Germany Berlin Halford
17 Januuary 2004 Germany Aalen Rock It
18 Januuary 2004 Switzerland Pratteln Konzertfabrik Z7
There will probably be also a date in Athens on February 1st and they are planning to play at the following festivals:
  • Rock Hard Party - 29 May - Gelsenkirken (Germany(
  • Bang Your Head Friday Night Club Show
  • Summer Breeze 19-20-21 August
They're also planning a tour of France, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, UK and Sweden in April, stay tuned for updates!

DoomSword have found a new lead guitar player, called Sacred Heart.

DoomSword's lead guitar Guardian Angel is leaving the band because he is no longer able to conciliate it with the work in his older band Time Machine
If you feel you would be right for the place and you have a passion for Heavy Metal contact the band.

The release date for Doomsword's new album "Let Battle Commence" has been decided: it will be out on 29 september, for Dragonheart Records.

DoomSword's new album "Let Battle Commence" will be out in September 2003.

DoomSword planned some other live date:
  • 2 March 2003, Athens, Greece
  • 11 July 2003, Hamburg (Headbanger open air)
  • 19 July 2003, Wurzburg (Keep it true! festival)
Further news will be put on the site as soon as they are available.

DoomSword's third album will be recorded in January, with the same line-up of the concert:
  • Deathmaster: vocals
  • The Forger: rythm guitar
  • Guardian Angel II: lead guitar
  • Dark Omen: bass
  • Wrathlord: drums
The title will probably be "Let Battle Commence" and it will be about the first viking era in England, more specifically on the invasion of the Danish army led by Ivarr the Boneless and their conquest of York and the whole Northumbria.
The titles already decided are:
  • "Deathbringer - Blood on my hands"
  • "The Blood Eagle"
  • "My name will live on"
  • "Woden's reign"
  • "Heathen assault (Burn Jorvik to the ground!)"
  • "The siege of York"
  • "In the battlefield"
The cover will be another Arbo's Painting.

After two albums and some years of adversities, DoomSword will finally be able to play live! The following dates have been decided:
  • 22 October 2002, Ascoli Piceno (Italy),
  • Somewhere around the first week of December 2002, Athens (Greece) (actual day can still vary, but the show will surely take place).

DoomSword have now a new drummer! He is called WrathLord and he is a former member of Fiurach.

I'm sorry to say that the vinyl version of "Resound the Horn" is late and we'll have to wait another couple of months before it will be out (for Metal Supremacy as stated in the previous news).

DoomSword have already begun the songwriting for the new album. Some subjects include the capture of York by the danish Viking chieftain Ivar the Boneless on 1 November 866 AD and a Conan the barbarian novel chosen by the Greek fans.

The vinyl version of DoomSword's new album "Resound the Horn" will be available by the end of the summer for Metal Supremacy (the same of Solstice, Twisted Tower Dire, Ritual Steel, Skullview and others).

DoomSword's "Resound the Horn" sold about 3000 copies since its release.

Due to some misunderstanding between DoomSword and the editor of the booklet, you'll find some printing errors. You can find the corrections in the new section called Errata Corrige

Rejoice, the new DoomSword album is out! NOW!! Defying fate, gods (and human's will) the mighty DoomSword succeded in bringing their masterpiece to the faithful one week before previously announced.

Here's a brief look to what German press wrote about Resound the Horn
  • Rock Hard: 9.5/10
  • Hammer: 6/7
  • Metal Heart: 10/10
  • Heavy oder Was!?: 11/12 (8th over 64 in Souncheck chart, just a step below R. J. Dio!!)

The new DoomSword's album Resound the Horn will be out on the 24th of June!
I've listened to the whole CD and it's simply GREAT!
Here some short opinions of the tracks:
  1. Shores of Vinland: The mighty voice of Deathmaster is back!! It's VERY Bathory style...well it remembers me some song from Hammerheart...just guess!
  2. Onward the battle: It's as "old" Manowar would have done: truly EPIC! Both in lyrics and music are really great. With no doubt it's one of my favourite tracks in the whole album.
  3. The DoomSword: Like the title says: just Doom! This track is different from others in this album (it's like a jump back to the demo) but it's still great! The perfect hymn for DoomSword!
  4. MCXIX: Just listen to it!!
  5. For Those Who Die with Sword in Hand: Another great track. The solos in the "final" part are truly great! I'd listen to them for days!
  6. The Early Days of Finn MacCool: One of the shortest track in the album ("just" 5 mins!!), but still great!
  7. Resound the Horn: Odin's Hail: No comment (I just say it's my favourite song!!)

DoomSword have changed email address into:
All the mail sent to the old address since two months are completely lost, so, please, send them again to the new address.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

DoomSword's new album "Resound the Horn" will be out in may 2002 for Dragonheart records.
The tracklist will be:
  1. Shores of Vinland
  2. Onward the Battle
  3. The DoomSword
  4. MCXIX
  5. For Those Who Die with Sword in Hand
  6. The Early Days of Finn MacCool
  7. Resound the Horn: Odin's Hail
Current line-up is:
  • Deathmaster: vocals
  • Guardian Angel II: lead guitar
  • Dark Omen: bass
  • The Forger: rythm guitar
  • Grom: drums

Doomsword will be soon out with their new album. I've heard some tracks and they sound truly great!!
Stay tuned for more news!

Because of the many request received, you can now order DoomSword CD via Internet. For more info go to the contacts section

DoomSword will be the opener of a tribute to Warlord with the song "Lucifer's Hammer" (my favourite!!)
The cover album should be published at the beginning of the next year.


Look at what press wrote about DoomSword:
Warlord is the best comparison to this band, which use the same epic vocals lines and the similar melodic riffs and sounds. You will be surely satisfied by magnificent hymns like "Swords of doom" or "Warbringers"
Detlef Dengler
Heavy oder was?!
"DoomSword" is an album for those who listen to heavy metal since many years, and for this reason is a really great album!!!
Sandro Buti 5/6
Metal Hammer (Italy)
If Warlord would have met Candlemass, they probably could sound this way.
Sir Lord Doom
Hellion rec. catalogue
They remind me Warlord of the best period. Italia Rules
United Forces

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