Heavy Links

These are some of the great pages I have visited throughout the web. I have divided the heavy links section in three parts: the heavy metal links, the record companies and CD shops and the general links. Heavy metal links lead to pages of heavy metal bands and other pages that have to do with metal. Record companies and and CD shops lead to some major heavy metal record companies, and to some on-line CD shops. General links lead to pages which I like but have nothing to do with metal.

Chose one of the following categories:

Heavy Metal Links

Record Companies & CD Shops

General Links


Sweet Suffering

Sweet Suffering -- the heavy e-zine
The best 'zine on the net!!! :)

#kingsofmetal IRC (DALnet) channel page by Platinum Dragon

The best Manowar channel on the IRC!

#tavern IRC (Othernet) channel page by Soth

The official Blind Guardian IRC channel.

Manowar owns you by Universe

A very rich manowar page, with cool and rare mp3s.

Official Running Wild page

The official page of one of the best german power bands.

Where The Rain Grows -- Official Helloween Page

The official page of the BEST power metal band ever! :)

The Official Jag Panzer Page by Mark Briody

The Official Jag Panzer Page
Jag Panzer: a legend band in the underground heavy metal. The page has awsome graphics.

The Official Pretty Maids Homepage

The homepage of the Danish heavy/hard veterans.

The Official Grave Digger Homepage

The official page of an amazing power metal band.

Criss Oliva by Stathis

A Criss Oliva tribute page. It has an extensive photo gallery plus one of the most magnificent pictures ever.

Manowar by Stathis

A page for the heaviest of all!

The Home Of The Reaper by Lost Poet

A very good page for Grave Digger.

Pumpkin Fly Free by Mariana

A beautyfull and rich Helloween page.

Johny's Back - The Riot Homepage

A very good page for the Canadian power metallers Riot.

The Official Virgin Steele Homepage

One of the most magnificent groups of all times.

Future World by Chris Skaryd.

The best Helloween page (unofficial) of the web. Home of the best message board of the web: Your Turn.

The Official Iron Maiden Page (UK Site)

Don't you know Iron Maiden?! Bad choice dude. Better check their killer page before I burn you alive!
US Site

The Official Iced Earth Page by Neil Gregie

The Official Iced Earth Page

Yes, the official page of the band which released the 1996 masterpiece "Dark Saga". Really cool page!

Check the Written On The Walls forum.

The Official Savatage Page

The official site of one of the best power metal bands in all history.

Imaginations From The Other Side

Propably the best Blind Guardian page. Worth checking.

The Official Manowar Page

Hail And Kill brothers and sisters of true metal! Here is Manowar's official page.

The Officiall In Flames Page

Extraordinary death metal and a very good page.

Tombstone Webzine

A greek webzine in English. Very good job indeed (but my page is top!!!! hehehe!!!).

The Official Megadeth Page

The official page of another major band.

The Metal Zone

A greek webzine in English.

www.truemetal.org by Universe

A great server for metal pages. Check it out.


Nuclear Blast Records

Probably the most important record company at the moment.

Century Media

Another very important record company, with bands like Iced Earth, Rotting Christ, Dark Tranquility and more.

The Noise Records Homepage

The homepage of the record company of Gamma Ray, Virgin Steele and many other metal bands.

Massacre Records

The home page of the german record company.

EMP Mailorder

A fantastic European heavy metal on-line shop, with CD's, clothes, wearables and other stuff.

Alta Mira

A very rich site, with many rare and Japanese edition stuff.

Impulse Music

Another cool on-line heavy metal shop.


A non-metal CD shop, but has a great deal of heavy metal stuff.


The N.A.S.A. Homepage

The american space agency. Many usefull info for astronomy-lovers.

The Space Telescope Science Institute Homepage

Lots of info and pictures from the Hubble space telescope.

The THX Homepage

Have your ever been to THX cinema? If yes this is the homepage of the company that makes the sound and image quality better.

The Dolby Laboratories Homepage

You know, Dolby, that makes the Dolby Digital cinema system and the noise reduction system for cassettes.

The Official Star Wars page

This is the official site of these extraordinary movies. Here you can learn information about the making and the story of the new Star Wars prequel trilogy.

The Star Wars Database

The Star Wars Database
A fantastic resource site for Star Wars.

The Official T.S.R. Homepage

All RPG fans should visit this page. You can even find accessories for your TSR campaign.

Ken Cranes Laserdisc Store

Here you can order Laserdiscs, DVDs and DTS CDs. Probably the best shop.