1. Web Development & Design

If you are a Record Label, Distributor, Concert Organiser or what ever else and you would like to have a professional web site (www.your-site.com) and email accounts like you@your-site.com just contact Holy Sword. You will have all the below features plus anything else you may need..

Have now your own site with:

  • pages for news, press, links, downloads, biography, contact info, FAQ, ..
  • Forum / Discussion Board
  • Polls
  • Guest book
  • Calendar
  • Tell A Friend
  • Nice looking graphics / animations
  • Embedded Flash movies
  • Let your visitors login in your site!
  • Mail your fans for your news!
  • Free registration in more than 100 search engines!
  • Counter / Stats!
  • Special promotion by HOLY SWORD!
  • and many more... !!

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