* How to be Promoted *

If you own a Metal Band, Label, Distro, Cafe, Club, Magazine, Studio, Fan Club, Concert Organiser or what ever else that is releated to Heavy Metal then Join our Community NOW!! It's FREE!!!

Step A: Sign up for a new account in Holy Sword's Website in order to be a Registered Member. This has many benefits: edit your profile with bio, releases, contact info, hobbies etc., customise your account, communicate with other Registered Users, have access to special sections, get informed about any changes of this site and news from the Metal World, moderate your forum, vote in polls, create polls.. and many more!

Step B: Edit / update your profile in Your Account page.

Step C: Add a link to your homepage in the Web Links directory

Step D: Add mp3's, videos etc. in the Downloads directory

Step E: Submit your Latest News in the Submit News link

Step F: Send a Promotional Kit to Holy Sword's address including Audio Material, Photos, Printed Bio, Flyers etc.
(This step is optional - but if you send a promo kit I will be able to review & interview ...)

Step G: Always inform Holy Sword for your News!!!

Contact me also if you want to add a Forum and Polls !!! It's FREE !!!

That's ALL!!! Heavy Metal is our Way!!

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