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[ Giussepe Silvestri Cd For Sale!(avaliable) ]

[ posted on 24.07.2008 ]

[ [ ΠΡΟΣΦΟΡΑ Prosfora 50% Ths Secret Port Records ] ]

[ ΠΡΟΣΦΟΡΑ Prosfora 50% Ths Secret Port Records ]

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[ posted on 27.04.2008 ]

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[ posted on 13.04.2008 ]

[ Hybrid Gr Review On Metal Heart French Webzine ]


[ posted on 13.04.2008 ]

[ A Short Note About Obduktion ]

Obduktion are a Greek death metal band from Athens, originally founded in 1995 by George”Obduktor”Bitzos. Influenced by bands like Bolt Thrower, Obituary and Deicide started developing their own sound which, through several demo releases and live performances, can be found in the band’s debut album “Encounter in a dream”, released in 2002 by NMC music.
Through the years, Obduktion gained experience by doing many gigs and supporting bands like Kaamos, Enthroned and Arkhon Infaustus. In nowadays and through audience’s appreciation, they are a so called “cult Hellenic death metal” band.
After the band having established a unique music identity based in aggressive riffs, technical solos and brutal attitude and with a strong line-up, they composed brand new death metal songs. At this time, they are ready to release their second full-length album titled “II”.
The tracks appeared in this promo-cd are just a small sample of the band’s upcoming work.

Line up:
Obduktor – guitars
Kostas – guitars
Takis – vocals
Dinos – bass
Nick - drums

Band contact:
E-mail: obduktor@yahoo.gr

Official supporter:
Metal Defiance zine &
Productions / Management
E-mail: Alx_belfegor@yahoo.gr

[ posted on 26.03.2008 ]


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