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[ Great Review On Hybrid Gr On Strutter Webzine! ]


Quite a surprise from Greece, because the band HYBRID (not to be confused with the UK based progrockband) has released a very strong album that musically contains high quality technical progressive metal with attention for some raw Thrash riffs, aggressive screams here and there, but also a lot of superb melodies. Opener "Institutionalized" is one of the heavier songs here, kinda like NEVERMORE and TESTAMENT, ok for what it is, but the rest of the CD is much better, because next song "Ruins of mine" is a superb Melodic Progressive Metal song with excellent lead vocalwork (the singer shows from this song he is really amazing, a guy called TASSOS K, fantastic Metal singer!), high class guitarwork and lovely melodies, like ICED EARTH meets BALANCE OF POWER! Happily, the band continues in this style and so in the end we can conclude that this first CD of the Greek band HYBRID is a highly recommended piece to the fans of Melodic Progressive Metal! ICED EARTH is a close comparison and I am sure the fans of True Melodic Metal will love this band for sure! Check 'em out for yourself at: http://www.secretport.com and http://www.myspace.com/hybridgr

(Points: 8.5 out of 10)



[ posted on 04.09.2007 ]

[ Fantastic New Reviewe On Hybrid Gr Cd! ]


This is the debut release from this Thrash/Progressive Metal band & what a debut it is. These guys have a very strong solid sound that mixes sounds from 80's & 90's Thrash Metal bands & merge it with modern Progressive Metal. There are lots of all out Thrash riffs with some stop & start parts, plus some very cool tempo shifts all through out. They have a very Epic Metal sound at times, that reminds me of DIO, QUEENSRYCHE & NEVERMORE. The vocals are done in a mid ranged Progressive Metal sound with some more powerful Epic vocals mixed in. These guys have released such a great debut release I can't wait to see where they go on their next release!
HYBRID@in.gr / www.myspace.com/HYBRID
(Available through BEOWOLF PRODUCTIONS)

[ posted on 09.07.2007 ]

[ Hybrid Gr Review At Www.obliveon.de Rate: 9/10 ]

REVIEW at www.obliveon.de RATE: 9/10

Url link: http://www.obliveon.de/pn-om/modules.php?op=modload&name=tplcdimport&file=index&req=showcontent&id=9981&cfletter=H

Reviewer: SBr

Coming from Greece - a country famous for power and Epic Metal bands, published a debut album which will conquer the hearts of the Thrash (Bay AREA) and US Metal fans in the storm with their new on Secret port recs album.The album excellently produced by the excellent Guitar Hero Theodore Ziras contains nine tracks, which tend to remind us old Bay AREA heroes like HEATHEN AND WILL, thus the melodic variant of the category. In addition both wonderful, melodic guitar work of John B and the first-class and completely accent-free singing performance of Tassos K's contribute. On the other hand the band develops its music not only on Thrash roots, but intersperses also elements from Heavy and progressive ones as well as US-Metal, and that's why the result of last end nevertheless more varied and in particular more independently than more purely more melodious Bay AREA Thrash sounds. Tassos K's voice, which is rather highly, because raw and something nasal, shows resemblances to Peavy's (rise up) to head voice and in connection with the often melodic and melancholic singing lines - in particular the Refrains - as well as wonderfully to the guitar work supplementing there by brings itself this further facets of the US-Metal superstars - Nevermore are here tto be mentioned - in the play. In addition, Kosmas Aronidis on the bass and with Drummer Ilias X offering so strong double bass playing contributes so much more to the fact that "The will to Create " is a fantastic debut . Tunes that impressed us: "Institutionalized" which is savage and more furious than the majority of the remaining material and with super heavy guitars which provide Institutionalized, "Ruin of mine ", a calmer Song with carried intermediate parts and a fantastic singing presentation, "Still Return ", likewise more calmly and madly symphonic. Here simply everything is correct: Mad singing, ambitious Drumming, strong guitars and a very inspiring and varied song writing. In addition the killer "Broken, Denied But Finally Strong ". And all this for only 10€ from http://www.secretport.com. Listen samples at http://www.myspace.com/hybridgr.

RATE: 9/10

[ posted on 23.06.2007 ]

[ Hybrid Gr Review At Behind The Veil Webzine Rate: 8,5/10 ]

REVIEW at Behind the veil webzine RATE: 8,5/10

Url link: http://members.lycos.co.uk/behindtheveil/may_main.html

Reviewer: Nick "William_Kidd" Parastatidis

There are some bands in Greece - a few of them - that really have the quality to help them escape from the misery of the Greek metal scene. Hybridgr are a perfect example of what I just said. This is their debut album and here they present us a well produced album full of technical and yet melodic compositions. Musically the band plays a mixture of technical thrash with some melodic power metal parts. They seem strongly influenced by the U.S. metal scene and their sound is related to bands like NEVERMORE and COMMUNIC. However, they have a more classic approach to their sound compared to the above mentioned bands. In general I can say that this is a very good release that can easily pass the borders of our country and proudly represent our country's metal scene abroad. Support them, not because they are just another good Greek metal band, but because they have created an album that even successful bands from Europe would envy… For ordering the album, you can check out their label's site: www.secretport.com or email their label: theodosism@hotmail.com

RATE: 8.5/10

[ posted on 23.06.2007 ]

[ Hybrid Gr Review At Www.metal-invader.com Rate: 5/6 ]

REVIEW at www.metal-invader.com RATE: 5/6

Url link: http://www.metal-invader.com/db/reviews-3926.html

Reviewer: Andreas Kourtidis


This is the debut album from this Thrash / Heavy band from Hellas and I have to say tat they won my full respect at once. They manage to create a very solid and strong result in the whole album while most of the bands of our days are just try to sound "angry" or "pissed of". "The Will To Create" is a work that will cover all the expectations of a fan that needs to listen strong and pure metal music. With great performing, very interesting compositions and very nice sound and production this is an album that can easily push HYBRID to the top of the underground scene of Hellas at once. Don't pass over this release because you will sure repent it in the near future. These guys have the personality and the guts to prove it! I will not say anything more, get this cd!...

RATE: (5/6)

[ posted on 23.06.2007 ]


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