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Mercury Tide - "Killing Saw" (2012)
Mercury Tide returns after some absense with their sophmore album, "Killing Saw". Given founding member & vocalist Dirk Thurisch's work with Angel Dust and Mercury Tide's debut album, one can only expect amazing work.

The opening track, "In the Shame of Trust" is a soft piano intro that leads into the fast-paced title track, "Killing Saw". Heavy guitar and just the right amount of keyboard set that familiar tone Mr. Thurisch has been know to execute in his song writing. "Home" continues a heavy, riff-oriented pace. A very dark overtone presents itself in the songwriting. "Searching" and "Out of the Darkness" are two epic tracks with big sing-along choruses, while "World of Pain" and "Lord of Memories" showcase Dirk's vocal range. "Satan Sister" is an instant classic, with its amazing guitar riffs, powerful & soaring vocal execution, and a chorus that demands you to sing along! The closing track ""Have No Fear" rounds the album out nicely by using the same piano medly heard in the opening track, only played in a different key.

Acoustic guitars, keyboard, heavy guitar, great drumming, tons of riffs.....it's all here! Mercury Tide are BACK, and their newest album "Killing Saw" will inject your soul with pure musical genius.

RATING: 9 of 10
Review by: Anthony DeLuca

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