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Holy Sword has supported and promoted many bands, labels, concerts etc. up to now.. Being a collaborator with the Polish Dragonigt Agency, we promoted labels like IRON GLORY, R.I.P., METALFIGHTERS, SECRET PORT, STEEL GALLERY etc.

The main activity is to spead the news by email campains sent to more than many recipients around the globe.. We also spread flyers in concerts, shops etc.

Join our services and Holy Sword can support you in many ways:

  • Email your news to more than 3000 recipients around the globe.
  • Promote your work through this site and the CD-Rom 'zine.
  • Arrange interviews and spread your work in other 'zines we collaborate like SEVENTH SIGN, BEHIND THE MIRROR, SINGING SWORDS, HELLENIC FORCES, BEHIND THE VEIL, THE TEMPLE OF METAL and other fanzines, webzines.
  • Send promotional material to major local (Greek) press like METAL HAMMER, ROCK ON and to important Radio Shows like Metalmorphose, Radio Gold etc.
  • Give Promos to Concert Organisers..
  • Design flyers, posters, art for your demo / cd / lp, Special CD-Rom Presentations..
  • Special Promotion exclusive for you under arrangemnet!
  • If you are a new band we can organise your promotion.
  • Represent and support you in any other way..

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