Welcome to my lame attempt at a personal page. The fact that you are reading this means that you willingly came to my portion of the web page, which is a suprise to me in itself. Feel free to look around and send me mail at Slugworth_@hotmail.com. I'll try to respond to any mail i receive. Not that i'm expecting any.

Name: Chris "The Kid" Corwin

Instrument: Drums, Percussion

Distiguishing Characteristics: I fuck up a lot and drop sticks

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Real pictures of real gore! Show your parents!

more links comming as soon as i remember the URLs!!!

Drummers YOU should know:

Bill Ward (Sabbath), Tommy Aldrige(Ozzy, [Madman era]), Mitch Mitchell (Hendrix), Igor Cavalara (Sepultura), Sean Reinert (Death), Danny Carey(TOOL), Dave Lombardo(Slayer, Grip Inc.), Sal Abruscato(Life of Agony, Type O), Micheal Bordin(Ozzy, current touring drummer), Keith Moon(The Who), Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull), Nick Mason (Floyd), Neal Peart (Rush)

Fuck Korny Neo-Metal!!! Support the Real Metal Uprising!!!




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