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Shout It Out Loud

broken silence


  1. Finish What You Started
  2. Shout It Out Loud
  3. Carry the Torch
  4. All I Wanna Say
  5. How You Gonna Live Without Love
  6. I Will Always
  7. Hard Way
  8. It's No Secret
  9. We Will Survive
  10. No Way Out
  11. Say A Prayer


  • Tracy King (lead vocals, bgvs)
  • Stephen Gomez (lead vocals, bgvs, uitars)
  • Vern Green (bgvs, bass guitar)
  • Joy Soderstrom (bass guitar, keyboards)
  • Keith Swanson (drums)

Additional musicians

  • Keith Mack (acoustic guitar, electric guitar)
  • Benjy King (bgvs, keyboards, guitars, percussion)
  • Benjy King (producer, mixer)
  • Kent Heckman (mixer



Broken Silence is a christian female fronted  AOR rock band. This was Broken Silence's debut album. Songs are written between 1986-94. It is nothing like Cirith Ungol at all, but it's a nice melodic Heart-styled rock album and is well worth a listen.  8 page colour booklet included. The album seems to be out of print and therefore unfortunately not too widely available, but you can still find it for a fair price. My favourites are the last three songs.


If you're insterested in hearing this, the only song currently available for streaming AFAIK, is Carry The Torch. Vern did not play on the 1991-demo.


We Will Survive is credited Bob Held, Joe Lynn Turner, Al Greenwood, Al Pitrelli. We Will Survive performed by Joe Lynn Turner appears on the album Hurry Up And Wait, released 1999 - five years later.


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